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"DIGEST FILM"  is a global company which aims at top of Japan of a DSLR wedding film maker.

  • Motoyasu Takahashi
  • Keita Kuroe
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Welcome To "digest-film.com"

We make full use of DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) to film wedding, make trailers, and create end credits for movies.

The image filmed with the now popular Canon EOS MOVIE, expresses a view that only a DSLR camera can create. Fine description of details, natural reproduction of colors, rich color gradation, and the beauty of blurring was all difficult with the conventional video camera.

This DSLR camera will allow you to produce even more dramatic images.

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wedding video service

We produce wedding and reception films.We also same day editing, profile movie for provide wedding ceremony and reception.We can coordinate of location in Thailand and Bali.

company video service
Company PV

We produce company profiles and sales promotional tool.Product introduction, Company profile, Attracting customers, Consulting, Any products filming

seminar service
Seminar manage

The contents filmed in the lecture and seminar are edited and displayed on a website.

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Films make happy !
See Us In Action. Bali Indonesia bridal video.

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